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How tea helps you balance your digestive system

By :Conradine De Mello 1 comments
How tea helps you balance your digestive system

Whether it’s for to ease stomach pain, reduce bloating or prevent indigestion, there’s no simpler remedy than a hot cup of tea. Recent scientific studies are constantly discovering the benefits of using tea for digestive health – properties found in types of black tea, green tea, and herbal tea have been shown to reduce unpleasant symptoms and improve stomach ease

Tea is a great way to manage your gut health. That’s why it’s highly beneficial to make time for a cup of tea in your routine. Even if you don’t have time to brew a hot cup in your kitchen, there are many options that you can enjoy on the go. Tea bags like T-GO’s Gourmet Tea – which use the patented “spoon-in-teabag” design – are a great way to enjoy the benefits of tea for digestive health when you’re away from home. It only takes three simple steps: steep, stir and sip.

The best types of tea for digestive health

  1. Green Tea

Green tea boasts many benefits for digestive health: It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce stomach cramps; it improves the absorption of starch, which aids the functioning of the digestive system; it also promotes weight loss and boosts metabolism. That’s why T-GO’s Green Tea is the perfect, all-round tea for your daily routine – with a cup of green tea, digestion becomes much smoother, and stomach pains can be reduced. You should also try T-GO’s Jasmine Green Tea, which contains the same digestive benefits while adding some variety to your options.

  1. Peppermint Tea

A peppermint tea, like T-GO’s Mint Tea, can be a powerful tool against an upset stomach. Peppermint has been shown to relax the digestive system and ease pain, and helps to reduce bloating, stomach pains and excess gas. It has also proven to be very effective against the symptoms of severe digestive disorders like IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). The best part of having a peppermint tea is the burst of freshness that it brings, which is further enhanced in T-GO’s Refresh Tea, which blends peppermint with several other herbs.

  1. Black Tea

Drinking black tea is highly effective at improving gut health, which is why adding one of the various types of black tea to your routine – like T-GO’s Ceylon Black Tea, Earl Grey Tea or English Breakfast Tea – can do wonders for your long-term digestive health. Black tea contains “polyphenols” which help boost the population of healthy gut bacteria. It also contains antimicrobial properties that help to eliminate harmful gut bacteria. As the most popular type of tea in the world (accounting for 85% of all tea consumption in the Western hemisphere), black tea is the perfect beverage to carry with you to share with friends or coworkers with an upset stomach.

  1. Chamomile Tea

A cup of chamomile tea after a meal can improve digestion and prevent stomach issues. It has been shown to reduce acid reflux, ward off bloating and gas, and improve your overall gut health. Wherever you go, brewing a hot cup of T-GO’s Chamomile Tea after a meal can help you settle your stomach and avoid unpleasantness. Chamomile is also considered the best tea for digestion at night. A cup of T-GO’s Sleep Tea, which contains a blend of herbs in addition to chamomile, can be a great way to ensure a restful night of sleep.

  1. Digest Tea

When picking the best tea for digestion, specialized blends such as T-GO’s Digest Tea contain the perfect combination of herbs for improving your overall gut health. It contains the vital ingredient of ginger, which is famous for its digestive benefits. Ginger helps to improve the rate at which food travels through the gastrointestinal system and reduces bloating and gas by cutting down on fermentation and constipation in the stomach. It has also been used to reduce nauseas in a wide range of cases. T-GO’s Digest Tea further amplifies the digestive benefits of ginger with additional herbs such as fennel, which is known for preventing stomach ulcers and improving bowel movements.

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