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REFRESH TEA: Begin each day with a great start and feel oh-so-fresh throughout!

By :Conradine De Mello 1 comments
REFRESH TEA: Begin each day with a great start and  feel oh-so-fresh throughout!

Mondays are for fresh starts! Nope, with T-GO’s REFRESH TEA every day begins with a great start. If you say, 'I'm not a tea person', give Refresh Tea a chance. This gourmet tea is not your ordinary tea. You'll surely find something new, exciting and keep coming for more!


Are you looking to cleanse your insides and keep yourself refreshed? We heard you. To feel light and to maintain a cool feeling in your mouth even during the warmest summers, Refresh Tea is your ultimate go-to. Here’s why! This blend has a unique flavour that will not only satisfy your taste buds but will have your tummy soothed and mouth chilled as the weather gets hotter. Thanks to the combination of mint and natural herbs, you can enjoy refresh tea as classically hot or as an iced tea!


T-GO’s Refresh Tea is made with mint, rosehip, star anise, lemongrass and lemon balm to master cleanse your body, mind and soul with every sip. Crafted with 100% natural and pure ingredients, the infusion of mint and citrusy notes gives the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess making it the ideal drink for a break. Refresh Tea gives a clean finish to your palate and to feel the lightness you wanted!     


 We know that cleansing the insides are often ignored. With Refresh Tea, not anymore!

Did you know toxins inside our bodies make us feel polluted all day? Sitting on years of built-up toxins in our bodies is a road to self-destruction. Only a few drink water every day to detox and some of us swear by it. But no one has understood the full detoxing and refreshing power of tea and other natural ingredients put together as a blend. Made with pure herbs, the spoon-in-teabag is filled with healthy goodness. That’s what Refresh Tea is all about!

Master cleanse your body and mind with Refresh Tea!

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muhmmad ilyas
Nov 17, 2022

hey me ilyas, it is awesome i like it

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