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No matter how bad the pandemic is, keep brewing ahead with T-GO!

By :Conradine De Mello 0 comments
No matter how bad the pandemic is, keep brewing ahead with T-GO!

No matter how bad the pandemic is, keep brewing ahead with T-GO!

Tea time is me-time and a true tea-lover wouldn't swap it for anything else in the world – even a pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic serves us with a wake-up call. How? To enjoy a personalized, convenient and safe cup of luxury gourmet tea on the go! 

Stirring a revolution with a spoon-in teabag, T-GO is the only way to get through life and adapt to the new normal. T-GO is a storm in a cup!  So, steep- stir- sip and raise a celebratory cuppa tea.

Brewed with Innovation, Indulgence and a Twist! 

Safety, convenience and health - now more than ever, shape consumption choices and determine purchasing decisions of all. This is what T-GO is all about and more – fun, trendy and ultra-cool!

 Crafted with pure ingredients, the on-the-go tea is everything you need to complement your laidback or hectic lifestyle. T-GO is your ultimate pick-me-up beverage for morning tea, evening tea, bedtime tea and any tea-break in between. It’s THAT cup of tea you’ll enjoy all day, any day! 

Tea for Health, Tea for You 

As we know, the pandemic has underscored the significance of personal health and immunity building. Amidst the crisis, there’s a surge in global consumption of teas and herbal blends – especially the infusions made with exotic ingredients like chamomile, mint, ginger, cardamom, lavender, rosehip, lemongrass, etc. It’s no longer exclusive to traditional hot tea! 

The innovative trend toward fortifying teas with healthy ingredients such as probiotics, vitamins and spice mixes is not just a region’s culture and cuisine but is a testament to tea's reputation as a healthy drink and a natural choice for such fortification. Just what T-GO delivers! 

The T-GO Trend 

Stirring a new-norm for tea in a new-normal, T-GO is taking over with its indulgent signature blends finely made with natural and exquisite ingredients. Combining the healthy goodness of herbs and spices, T-GO blends are a trio – eye-candy, functional and refreshing!

 The T-GO Difference

 Thanks to the pandemic, there’s an accelerated trend towards healthier and affordable luxury teas. This is exactly why T-GO is the perfect beverage for any tea-lover. With health, flavour, convenience and safety being influencing tea consumption factors, T-GO is good vibes and healthy indulgence!

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